The Day the “Dumbest Idea” Invaded the Radio Industry

From Dick Taylor’s best of 2016. Here is my favorite blog post.


shareholder valueLast week I wrote about killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. It was my way of comparing the Aesop fable to the world of American radio. It got a lot of discussion. But I felt that while I touched on how radio operators twenty years ago wanted to harvest all the golden eggs immediately versus waiting to get one each day, by virtue of a last minute insertion into the Telcom Act of 1996 that basically removed the ownership caps on radio, there was – as Paul Harvey used to intone – ‘the rest of the story’ to be told.

The rest of the story involves “the dumbest idea.” I grew up about a decade after World War Two ended. This was the period when America enjoyed an extended period of economic growth and a shared prosperity. By “shared prosperity” I mean it was a time when…

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Programmatic Isn’t Just One Thing


Oh that word! Programmatic. Phooey! What does that word even mean? What does Programmatic mean TO YOU?  Unfortunately, in order to communicate on a mass scale, humans have to use words that are most familiar. How familiar are you with the meaning of the word programmatic?  The point being that when a whole genre of service is brand new, the thing will be interpreted by the person explaining it. Now, in the realms of broadcast media, programmatic may be something different from what you think.

Massive success for the user is what we intend to build into the refinements of this new service…whatever it ends up being called. Click below to read the news on AllAccess.


The Future of Radio Is Sounding Good


MP3s suck.

The MP3 format has ruined the sound of our music. That’s why we at Synchronicity Broadcast Platform have done something about it.  

I’m just tickled to introduce to all of our broadcast #radio friends, SyncBP’s newest innovation for terrestrial radio!

Megaphone Clipart #12806 

T h e   n e w   S y n c H D  

             s o u n d. 

We now offer digital delivery of .wav  files direct to broadcast. Get studio quality audio for terrestrial radio music formats and syndicated programs.


This is the kind of sound quality that gets attention!

No one else in the universe can do this. If they say so, then it’s not a real .wav file. We use our own advanced compression algorithm for .wav in >.wav out > offering direct inject into any flavor of radio station automation.

Once you hear SyncHD, you’ll wonder how we all put up with listening to the MP3 format for so long.  ###

Music Clip Art #6089

This Year Mass Media Collaborates

This year, 2016, will mark the beginning of a new chapter in the mass media, broadcast industry.

It is inevitable that similar entities and businesses with similar (interchangeable!) products should pool resources, collaborate and even share gains in order to survive the onslaught of competition that digital has enabled. It makes sense to you that the largest and strongest, business ecosystems will have the best chance to survive–enough,  just to compete with these companies. You know the competition. These huge companies with bottomless pits of capital like Apple (Music), Google (Play), Pandora (Rdio), facebook (whatever) and the phone companies as entertainment services (also don’t count out MySpace just yet). These guys are the real competition because they are getting into every conceivable business that makes sense and that includes publishing and broadcast. The mass media publishing and broadcast industry isn’t difficult to replicate as we saw with all the OTT blogs and the “TV” and music streaming services that have proliferated. There is no middle ground, now. It’s all the way or no way.

And for radio: The record companies make deals with anybody. And recently, to some extent, those deals have excluded radio (Adele). If hot, new music releases were only debuted on Pandora or the the new Verizon Entertainment Service, it wouldn’t take long before music radio has a big problem.

It’s making money with the content that is hard to do and that is where strategy must play a differentiating role.

It makes sense that if your company has a chance to join forces with other companies and share similar processes, product, advertisers and sales goals, then, with transparency, collaboration and mutual business strategies the result would be lowered costs to operate while building a more powerful, mass media entertainment and advertising machine (network). Here’s my Big Idea for 2016:

SyncBP colab diagram 1

If there was such a mass media coalition – owned and operated by the participants but connected and driven by shared strategies, more automatic processes and advanced technologies and also offered marketing assistance, education and information about how to operate, integrate and ameliorate, plus gave continual feedback on how everything’s going along with your own daily ROI; all delivered to you in a transparent yet secure, helpful and supportive, way – wouldn’t that be interesting?  Being a part of something bigger AND better. ###

“It’s always better to participate in creating the future than to be a victim of it” ~R.Solis

Independent Music Is Big. Really, Really Big.

Here’s a good one from Adam Marx (& Chris Dixon) about media, gaming and music today in the Internet age.


Adam Marx's Mind

PC Gaming Is Just Like Independent Music

Chris Dixon’s article yesterday discussed the trends that media is experiencing in the digital age. While his article focuses mostly on the gaming industry, it also heavily references the music industry, drawing numerous parallels and comparisons throughout the piece. Since I’m not much of a gamer, the music-related aspects of the post fascinate me because:

  1. They so closely mirror those in the gaming industry, which I find intriguing and even somewhat surprising, and
  2. Because Dixon is exactly on-point in his dissection of them.

Regarding the first point, it’s almost eerie how broad Dixon’s thesis could have been, were one to read the piece out of context. Of particular note are subtitles like “PC games are way bigger than you think[,]” which could easily say “independent music” instead of “PC games.” And it is way bigger. Way, way bigger.

Independent Music Is Way…

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