RADIO: Now’s the time to ditch satellite delivery.

Onward with the Sat Spectrum sharing issue. The Tom Taylor NOW newsletter (posted below) from today mentions “risks” that sharing the C-band with telcos poses. To make sure that you understand, dear reader, let’s clarify that these risks are limited only to radio programming carried over Satellite and the major problem is signal encroachment and interference when the cell towers bombard the spectrum. And do you think Pai cares about radio?  Gue$$ again.

Here is the fix for the delivery problem to consider. The current Sat that radio was recently moved to (is really an aging Sat) sits lower in the sky and any station/entity receiving from it could very well suffer increased degradation of the programming and delivery unless they pony up for a larger dish. So there’s a big ticket item to add to the list if one decides to move forward with the Satellite game. But then you are still stuck with all the drawbacks and limitations of “dumb” Sat delivery.

Or you can consider going with the next big player in 24/7 radio program delivery that has been designed from the ground up and proven to have flawless delivery as well as a roster of benefits to everyone in the radio programming chain. That’s us! Far too many bennies to list here so you’ll have to give us a call for  specifics but it’s all about bringing delivery into the twenty-first Century by adding automation, studio-quality sound, intelligent programming, customization, flexibility, transparency and making sure everyone gets paid…and paid faster, too. Over 3 thousand radio stations and AP News and CBS/Entercom trusts us to get it right so why shouldn’t you? And if that’s not enough, I’ll mention that you’ll be spending less but getting a whole lot more value and premium service too. Ask any of our clients.

If you are new here, and this never gets old, we are the exact same team who invented and launched DG Systems, Inc. which not only pioneered digital delivery itself but the company dominated the radio/TV spot delivery for 23 years before selling it off and retiring the DGIT NASDAQ handle. In other words, you can rest assured that your programming and/or station is in very smart, competent and experienced broadcast media hands. It took many years of consistent, hard work to get this company to where it is now and we’re not going anywhere but up (but not up where Sats are).

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Phone COs & Apple want SAT Spectrum.

This specific, windfall development came out of the blue for all of us here at SyncBP Strategy Central. We knew the phone Cos wanted more spectrum, but the race to 5G is really a race and that pushes the situation into high gear. We at Synchronicity are happy to report that we’re ready, willing and able to handle all the traffic our clients and prospects want to throw at us. SyncBP has perfected & tested our new, Live LIVE program feature and are preparing to launch a brand new show utilizing all of our latest live delivery capabilities along with many features that you could never achieve using a SAT delivery system: Including but not limited to; high quality stereo sound, real split-copy, flexible local delivery, along with the types of metrics that sponsors & agencies will come to expect going forward.

Sorry, but carrying radio programming on satellite is over. Good riddance too. It was 1980’s technology that never much improved nor advanced. It’s time to use the one and only advanced technology service that is out there carrying radio programming over the net. Only from SyncBPin.  Click here 9to5mac article

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We may have begun this journey originally with SpotMagic, Inc. in 1994 but boy oh boy, talk about your right place, right time thing!

Space Junk needs to be cleared from our atmosphere

space junk
There are 17,000 objects in Earth orbit currently being monitored. Only 7% of them are functioning satellites.