Official Product Release from SyncBP

TTN sync-GenMedia blurb 022818After years in development and many months of testing in the field: In partnership with Gen Media, the Sync Harmony radio station automation product is officially ready to roll out on a mass scale. The two defining actions of the Harmony system is that it fully automates radio programming to air and significantly speeds up reportage delivery to respective parties. The system works seamlessly while keeping information completely secure yet transparent and immediately available to the appropriate parties in the transaction.

Using Harmony…means that everyone gets paid much faster

The immediate results of Harmony are that a lot of time is freed up for humans to do other tasks, worry is significantly reduced as programming mistakes become a thing of the past and any human input errors are alerted and can be remotely fixed throughout the entire broadcast chain before air. The Harmony system completely obliterates any type of existing radio station automation on the market today and easily dates these other automation systems for the next ten years. The cost of ownership of the Harmony station automation is the lowest in the business while Harmony offers masses of value. And using Harmony’s digital data feature means that everyone gets paid much faster.

There are future products and benefits that will be added/enabled to enhance the Sync Broadcast Platform and actively seeks feedback and new ideas from users so that the integrated system will grow to be custom-made for the needs of stations and the industry.

The official site for Sync Harmony

A more detailed version of the press release is here.

Another version here


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