Radio Stations Stealing Programming

stealing-from-quoraIn the last couple of years,  as a company, we’ve uncovered a handful of mostly small stations that were pirating syndicated shows via ftp site downloads. That’s money stolen right out of the syndicators and the advertisers’ pocket. Just this week, however, we uncovered two stations, one a major on the East Coast, airing programming for their own benefit, i.e., not picking up the Nationals; or in the case of other shows put up on ftp sites with the nationals attached, stripping out the nationals and replacing them with their own local spots.

Synchronicity isn’t policing the airwaves or searching out these stations. The stations reveal themselves when they can no longer get the show from the ftp site. When we run into a station that is not playing by the rules, there’s no judgement or penalty, we just simply put the syndicator in touch with the station and let them work it out. Pirating programming is only one reason (albeit the worst reason) why using ftp sites for digitally delivered programming is a bad idea and now, an outdated concept.

One of the tasks that Synchronicity provides is the security that no unauthorized playout of programming happens. Combined with our weekly, validated affidavit feature, there is really no reason to use ftp or satellite delivery as a means to receive broadcast programming.