Programmatic Isn’t Just One Thing


Oh that word! Programmatic. Phooey! What does that word even mean? What does Programmatic mean TO YOU?  Unfortunately, in order to communicate on a mass scale, humans have to use words that are most familiar. How familiar are you with the meaning of the word programmatic?  The point being that when a whole genre of service is brand new, the thing will be interpreted by the person explaining it. Now, in the realms of broadcast media, programmatic may be something different from what you think.

Massive success for the user is what we intend to build into the refinements of this new service…whatever it ends up being called. Click below to read the news on AllAccess.



2 thoughts on “Programmatic Isn’t Just One Thing

  1. Programmatic I sense will come to be the way fax machines proliferated.

    I remember the day I got the call from Madison Avenue that if I wanted my next orders for a major casino advertiser on my station, they would be coming by fax and if you didn’t have a fax machine, you wouldn’t be bought.

    I had a fax machine that very afternoon.

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