The Future of Radio Is Sounding Good


MP3s suck.

The MP3 format has ruined the sound of our music. That’s why we at Synchronicity Broadcast Platform have done something about it.  

I’m just tickled to introduce to all of our broadcast #radio friends, SyncBP’s newest innovation for terrestrial radio!

Megaphone Clipart #12806 

T h e   n e w   S y n c H D  

             s o u n d. 

We now offer digital delivery of .wav  files direct to broadcast. Get studio quality audio for terrestrial radio music formats and syndicated programs.


This is the kind of sound quality that gets attention!

No one else in the universe can do this. If they say so, then it’s not a real .wav file. We use our own advanced compression algorithm for .wav in >.wav out > offering direct inject into any flavor of radio station automation.

Once you hear SyncHD, you’ll wonder how we all put up with listening to the MP3 format for so long.  ###

Music Clip Art #6089


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