Radio won’t be needing the DASH. Here’s why.

OnStar_4G-4C-3.1435699505OnStar by GM is doing it. And it’s inevitable that either OnStar or another party with a similar idea will bring broadband to all car models.  WiFi connectivity brought to your moving car by Satellite.

So when interactive digital radio comes, it won’t need to fight it’s way into the dash. Now this puts GM in direct competition for data delivery with the Telcos. I say, bring it on!  Click  here to read more about it.


We Never Called It Content

What makes #radio special. Certainly it’s NOT “content”.


Larry Lujack, The Real Don Steele, Robert W. Morgan, Dale Dorman, Ron Lundy, Salty Brine, Bob Steele, and so many, many more. These names I’ve dropped are all no longer on the radio. Terrestrial radio anyway. We radio geeks like to think they are now Rockin’ N Rollin’ the hinges off the pearly gates.

Everyone can understand the circle of life. People retire, people pass on.

But this past week saw the “forced retirement” of more big names in radio. Two of them that were on Los Angeles radio have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They delivered, according to what I’ve read in the trades, excellent audience ratings. So what happened?

Bill Gates once famously announced “content is king” as we entered the Internet age. Microsoft would give businesses WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint etc. The business schools graduated a whole gaggle of spreadsheet nerds who excel at these…

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