A Glimpse into the Future: Courtesy of Spotify

Radio can add big data too. No big deal. But it has to get on a digital platform…. Like Synchronicity 🙂

DMR/Interactive: The End Result

In some ways Spotify, Pandora and other streaming platforms are just the latest evolution in how consumers enjoy their favorite music.

However, unlike their predecessors such as cassettes, CDs and even MP3s, streaming services are compiling huge amounts of real time data about users and their consumption patterns.

This effort alone certainly doesn’t guarantee long term success, especially in the constantly changing world of streaming music, but this approach does represent a competitive threat to radio.

Unlike cassettes and CD’s, streaming services are building relationships directly with the audience and are seeking to grow consumption and build loyalty.

In addition, unlike the B side of an album that only the most diehard fan enjoys listening to, playlists and algorithms serve up a customized, personal listening experience.

In addition, data consumption, which until very recently was a barrier to unlimited streaming on smart phones, is quickly going away with ubiquitous wi-fi…

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