Borrell – Media’s Future in 2024

You may not agree with everything Darryl says but a good chunk of what he is reporting from Borrel is already happening. AND that is exactly why we founded : to be on the side of radio 100% and help terrestrial radio converge into the interactive, data-driven, multimedia future. We are dedicated to that mission and are actively accomplishing everything we have set out to do.


Insights from Borrell Associates are always thought provoking and can also be shocking for the many who may think short term and avoid any long term planning.

On Monday, the consultancy group which focuses on changes in the advertising world, revealed their predictions for changes in media and how media may look in 2024.  I was one of the 600 plus people who joined the webinar.

Before concluding these guys are crazy, think back ten back years and consider the technologies and media we use today that weren’t around in 2004, like an iPhone.  I depend on mine more and more each day.  I’d have a hard time getting by without it.  The iPhone was introduced in June of 2007, a little over seven years ago.  It just seems like a long time ago.

A lot has changed in 10 years – more than we can remember and more than…

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