Radio Must Fear Radio This Time

Radio will survive the way printing survived desk-top publishing. There is no more WEB press for newspapers (yes, that’s where the WWWeb and HTML = hot metal type got it’s name). Magazines and newspapers are still round, they are just delivered differently. Content will always be King and data is content’s little bastard son that will supply the needed revenue that Gen-Yers think they don’t have to pay for.

I read an article recently from a fellow named James Cridland who fancies himself as a “radio futurologist” (wish I would have thought of that).  He’s from the UK.  On a recent trip to America, he spent time in Las Vegas and did touristy things like drive to the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. He rented a car for his travels and to his frustration found there was little to listen to on AM or FM radio.  After getting tired by the lack of variety (translation anything worth listening to) on Las Vegas radio he chose the “Bluetooth” function on the car radio and start streaming music from Google off his smartphone.  He wrote of its ease of use, his smartphone’s convenient features and how he felt sad American radio had fallen to such a lowly place.

We have a microphone.  Yet no one speaks into it. We have a microphone. Yet no one speaks into it.


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Timmy’s Midweek Music Break – Jackie Wilson, Let’s Sink the Lip-Synchers

Whereas Britney Spears reveals she only mimes at concerts and we get to SEE the great, Jackie Wilson preform LIVE!!


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Let’s sink the lip-synchers…

I recently saw a magazine article that discussed Britney Spears working to make a deal with the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas for a three month stint.  One of the alleged sticking points is that Britney’s management team has made it clear to casino executives that the “pop star” does not sing “live” during her concerts—and has no plans to start now.

The article then goes on to claim that a number of Spears’ album tracks are actually performed by someone else.

At any rate, let’s stick with the idea of lip-synching for the moment.  We grew up watching our favorite stars do a lot of lip-synching during brief television appearances— on both national and local telecasts.  It was just the nature of the medium.  But, many did perform live—wanting to generate the excitement that had earned them their fan base.  To the…

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