Peter Thiel disagrees with you

Peter Thiel is brilliant and so is his book.


“It’s pretty amazing to hold leather that no pig or cow died for,” says Lindy Fishburne, an officer of the Thiel Foundation. She is describing a slightly creepy “biofabricated” product made by a startup the foundation funded with a $350,000 donation. The company, named Modern Meadow, makes leather and, indeed, meat by taking skin or muscle samples from animals via biopsy and then growing them in vitro. Modern Meadow is just one of 19 futuristic startups that have received donations from the Thiel Foundation over the past two years as part of an unusual program called Breakout Labs. Though it is rare, if not unheard-of, for a charitable foundation to donate tax-advantaged dollars to for-profit companies, the Thiel Foundation is no ordinary charity. It was set up in 2006 by billionaire investor Peter Thiel, who crafts his gifts to make a point, as he explains to Fortune in an interview…

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An epic battle in streaming music is about to begin, and only a few will survive

Terrestrial Radio is in a unique position to take advantage of online broadcasting. But it has to be done better than what we all know as Internet streaming. A much more intelligent software system–offering many production, delivery, monetization and reportage advantages all for a modest cost can be found in Synchronicity’s easy-to-use Platform. As far as the struggle to get there first, Terrestrial Radio has the best chance of again becoming the dominant audio entertainment medium.