Never Say F#ck On The Air: And 8 Other Ways College Radio Will Ruin Your Life

The kids know best.

Thought Catalog

At the end of this article, there’s a mess of links to some of the best stations in the nation.


I’m done with Spotify. You can keep Pandora. I want no more iPod shufflin’. I don’t need ’em anymore! I had a come-to-Jesus and I’ve returned home … to college radio.

Like, seriously, who do you think will make a better playlist for you: some nineteen-year-old sleep-deprived rap-god cypher king or a computer algorithm? Can Spotify ever develop better taste in new music than an internet-obsessed bubble goth kawaii queen?

Exactly. No. Nuh uh. So yeah, I switched back … to college radio. You can stream it online. There are tons of great stations across the nation. And it feels like falling in love with music … erryday!

How could I have forgotten about you, college radio?

For two years, I worked as a DJ on a college station. To…

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