Amazon and HBO Take on Netflix in a Well-timed Move

If broadcast does not build it’s own dominate platform, someone else will take your viers away. That’s where comes in.

Editorial IV

In the wake of Netflix announcing a two-dollar price hike from $7.99 to $9.99 per month for new members, Amazon and HBO just revealed a new licensing agreement that will allow Prime members to stream HBO content for free beginning May 21. For Netflix, the decision to increase pricing was largely based on a need for international expansion and a desire to continue producing award-winning original content, such as the hit series House of Cards. In the case of Amazon and HBO, the decision to partner was likely based on the need to compete with Netflix. And it was well-timed.

As an avid HBO and Netflix viewer, this is good news. A higher level of competition should result in pressure on all parties to produce better content.

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