Company Update…woohoo!

Hey, hi there! It’s time for a company update. Hard work paid off and has for you a sneak peak of just some of the new functionalities coming soon!

First is our audio automation system update; packed with mind-blowing, time-saving & even more new and powerful integrations. A product so innovative that we re-named our audio automation product to (word mark pending).
Also, we’re just finishing up a product that the music/audio business desperately needs. We call it the (word mark pending).

And there’s more, all culminating in a debut of our grand, all-encompassing system for the entire audio/media business chain. It’s a fusing of all our latest technologies developed over the last fifteen years into one cohesive system we call (word mark pending). We can hardly wait to introduce you to these exciting, new innovations. Need we say…stay tuned?

Leading with a conscience.

Today we take a page from Ms. Lolly Daskal’s playbook. 

Our everyday behavior at work and at home is where our conscience lies, where our lives begin to matter.

It is not good enough that your organization has a great strategy.

It is not good enough that your strategy is going to get you results.

Your strategy and leadership need to all be based on values with the expectation that everyone, top to bottom, will adhere to those values.

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Of Lolly’s many awards and accolades, Lolly was designated a Top-50 Leadership and Management Expert by Inc. magazine. Huffington Post honored Lolly with the title of The Most Inspiring Woman in the World. Her writing has appeared in HBR,, Fast Company (Ask The Expert), Huffington Post, and Psychology Today, and others. Her newest book, The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness has become a national bestseller.

Soft skills will be crucial for collaborating with smart machines.

Responsible AI marks a new frontier.

Daugherty and Wilson point out that responsible AI, which was hinted at in their original research and spelled out in more detail in their recent article “Using Artificial Intelligence to Promote Diversity,” has become a much more important question. Thinking about bias, transparency, and accountability will be crucial in the future development of AI systems. As the authors describe, “These are going to be really important issues for businesses and organizations to grasp and to make sure that as we have increasing numbers of people working in AI and more powerful solutions delivered with the AI, how do we make sure we deliver the right outcomes in all cases?”  read more or listen by clicking the Link below.

Click this for audio cast & transcript. 


Your secret sauce must be a non-duplicateable part of the business model.

Knowing that helping others by teaching & sharing information is key to personal and professional success, let’s talk about what is a key essential component for super success & it’s a personal favorite topic: the “Secret Sauce” of business.

Occasionally, something in the news will spark us to re-iterate how important it is to have one aspect (or more!) about your business that is not easily copied by competitors. Your secret sauce can be a certain technology, or combination of technologies or another aspect of your biz model that is not easily identifiable or readily apparent to outsiders. One of the most extreme examples of Secret Sauce would be the Coca-Cola drink formula; outside of two people at one time, the syrup recipe is supposedly not known by anyone else in the world. Yet even the idea for Coca-Cola has long been disputed to have been stolen from a Spanish company already winning awards for their product, Kola Coca.

What went wrong in Kola Coca’s case? Right, he should have not disclosed what ingredients were in the formula.

Secret Sauce can be a certain way that systems run or the way products, clients or consumers are handled that can make your company Sauce not easily dupicateable. At the very least, things such as consistent, optimal customer service can set your company shoulders above any complacent competititors. We saw this innovation with Zappos’ free merch returns. A customer perk that took Zappos to the top early in the online shopping surge.

The article linked below prompted this post today. Of course, it’s all conjecture on my part but it’s not unheard of for one company partner learning about how the other company does something ends up duplicating what they learned apart from the partnership. With Walmart & Google Express it could also be the cut Google takes for their Express service (btw, what all entails G-Express is anyone’s guess 🤔). And while we’re here, let me mention a similar but different sneaky move that I call “The Murdoch”. This is when an entity, aka company 1, invests in company 2 with the secret intent of acquiring company 2, either by stock leverage or other “surprise” legal manuevers. The art of war, indeed.

At, Inc., we value transparency, honesty, *responsibility* and above average customer service. But it’s our core technology that is the sweet sauce. Our aspirations and abilities sprang from belief & hard work, sure but also from creative imagining. Added to that a dash of bucking the “way its always been done” and that created a special foundation from which to build. The point is that anyone can initiate a similar philosophy at any time. It does take some grit to break out of the cookie cutter ways we’ve been taught, but imagining your way into seeing things differently is worth the time. And it does just boil down to that. Taking the time to do it. It’s time well spent, however and can help create your own personal or professional Secret Sauce.





We continue steady growth. Here are the numbers.

Sync BP’s five year growth has steadily continued. We report measured results every year now and are on target to hit or surpass the next target date of Jan 1 2019. Three key metrics are: 1. Individual, synchronizer-enabled #radio stations (globally) set for 4,100. Up from 3,600 the previous year start.

Delivered to these stations are 2. Individual ads per month: 1,750,000 up from 920,000.  And 3. Hours of programming delivered each month: 110,000. Up from 72,000 last reporting year.

We are indeed blessed with continual growth despite the unique challenges that popped up in the last five years and no doubt will continue to arise as we push ahead on the cutting edge of what technology allows.

None of this would have been possible without our advanced leadership at the top, our wonderful investors, and our participating stations and the entire collaborative workforce that we are happy to serve in the broadcast industry.

We thank you so very much for going on this exciting journey with us and making it all possible. There are many more planned benefits in store to keep broadcasting in tune with the many changes ahead, so keep hanging with us🙏❤️💐🤗.

Chief Watcher & co-Founder,  🙆 Robin